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New postapocalyptic mini-clip

Hello my dears  today I want to present this miniclip from my postapo char “Izzy Laeufer” from the “5th Division”. Unfortunately we only had a mobile phone to film, that’s why the tone is so silent at the end of the video (sorry, german only) 😕 … when there’s a cameraperson among yourselves that want to participate in […]

New Photoequipment :)

Hello my dears 😀 today I want to present to you my latest acquisition – my new photoequipment! Thankfully I got the hint from several people that my photos from my commissions etc. where often too dark or even blurres 😞 (thank you for the feedback!!!) … that’s why I decided to get a small […]

Cooperation – little LARP clip

Hello my dears 😀 today I want to show you a nice little cooperation, that was created internationally, but from home in quarantine 😀 … It’s a small postapocalyptic larp video! Everybody shot their part in their cellar, shed or livingroom; the video shows our girls from the “Boobie-Squad” (Insa-Marie, Bib, Lisita, Kathi and myself, […]

First try as audiobook speaker :)

Good evening my dears ? recently I tried something completely new; I tried myself as a audiobook narrator, assisting Frank Keilers first audiobook (studio: Racoon-Audio-Records)! It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience to speak the role of the little Kára, thank you that I could try this ? !!! Make sure to […]

Happy Valentine 2020 :)

Good evening my dears ? I wish you all “happy valentines” in advance ❤ !!! Here a very good matching photo of my boyfriend and me from eosAndy, thank you so much for this awesome picture ? !!! Have a nice day, yours Mia <3

Thank you for a great EpicCon 2020

Good evening my dears ? an action-packed weekend is over ? this year I revisited the EpicCon ? !!! To math my classic wasteland cosplay (own creation), I made a male wasteland cosplay for my boyfriend, too; the muzzle from the latest MadMax movie Fury Road inspired me especially … I’m curious for your opinions […]

Mia Shinda Zombie PinUp calendar 2020

Good evening my dears 🙂 the first charge of “Mia Shinda – year calendar 2020” is already ordered! This years theme is “Zombie-PinUp”! ? If you also want to have a calendar please write an email with your postal adress to [email protected]! Thanks a lot! ? The calendar has a DINA3 format, is non-glossy with […]

Green Sanctuary – Episode 10

Today I present to you the 10th and LAST episode of our postapocalyptic webseries “Green Sanctuary” 😀 … it’s a bit awkward that this project was with me for over one year now and will now come to an end! It was really fun and I can proudly pronounce the next webseries project for the […]

Mia Shinda “Zombie-Pin-up” calendar 2020

For 2020 I again have a Mia Shinda calendar, this time with the theme “zombie-pin-up” – the calendar comes in A3 format, mat and contains 12 unpublished motives of myself 🙂 ! Photographer is @Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography <3 thank you so much!!! Each calendar costs 30€ + 10€ packaging and shipping. Are you […]