“Azukas Reise” Update

Good evening my dears, we are working hard on “Azukas Reise” 😃 there are now online meetings every two weeks where the postproduction team is meeting – here are some more teaser pictures 😉

Who did not see it yet, here is the link to our official trailer 😃

What is our project about?

It’s a no-budget LARP community project where we want to display what creative ideas our participants have, how they display their ideas and what a fantastic (cineastic) atmosphere can be created 😃 !

Thank you very much to our set photographers: @Del-Ink / Fotografie ❤

Yours Mia ❤

Larper, Make up und Outfit: Mia Shinda
Fotograf: Del-Ink Fotografie
Larper: Iz’ek Krummhorn
Outfit: Lyncas Creations
Fotograf und Bearbeitung: Del-Ink Fotografie