Licht gegen Dunkelheit

Behind the scenes – “Azukas Reise”

Light against Darkness – Sigmar against Chaos creatures – an eternal fight, with an uncertain outcome…

Good evening my dears 😃 here is now another small peak behind the scenes from our fantasy movie project “Azukas Reise” 😃What is this project about?It’s a no-budget LARP community project where we want to display what awesome ideas our participants developed, how they implement those ideas within the game and how this is captured within a great (movie) atmosphere! We hope that we can show with this project how awesome, aesthetic and sophisticated this (for outsiders) nerdy hobby can be and that it can be very artistic, crafty and social!

Thank you very much to our set photographer: Aloha AirbrushYours, Mia ❤

Licht gegen Dunkelheit
Doppelschweifiger Komet