Model - Walking Act - Actress

My name is Mia Shinda.


For several years I’ve been active as a model in the sections Dark Art, Alternative and nude act.


With a hight of 4.7 ft, but with normal proportions, I am appropriate for model shootings in studios where the ceiling is not that high.

In addition as an actor in various movie projects, I could be very interesting partner for your project and could play convincingly a part of a teenager or small child because of my small size.

All my outfits and the matching accessoires are hand-made time-consumingly my myself.

I therefore have a great stock to build up small theme sets in a studio.

I constantly expand my stock to have a great variety for photo- and movie projects.

Furthermore I am a trained make-up artist and therefore have the ability to apply my own make-up, using SFX and partly masks, wound applications or other things by myself.

My variability within the genres Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Postapocalypse make me very interesting as a project partner for conventions, exhibitions, photoworkshops, movieprojects et cetera.


I like to work in a team, e.g. with other actors, walking acts, photographers, moviemakers et cetera and I can spontaniously improvise to e.g. entertein and involve live audience.

I have aroused your attention for a collaboration?

Then I’m looking forward for your request via E-Mail to:

or via the contact form