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Cooperation project – Video “Pass the feather”

Happy new year my dears 😃 beginning the new year I want to present you a wonderful video I made in collaboration with several other people!As a starting point for the (hopefully this year) starting larp convention season and as a bridging for the ongoing lockdown, I made a video with the following (in oder of appearance within the video):

(1. Myself, Mia Shinda)

2. Sophie Herzchen

3. Un-art-ich Design

4. Pyrdona

5. Joda Grinsekatze

6. ABK- Orga

7. Kimi Karuso

8. Lyncas Creations

9. Chris Fano

10. Anne Holmes

11. Cheshire Nox

Everybody made the video shots at their own home and I put everything together and edited some music to it 🙂 (it was my first try with a new editing programme ^^°)… I wish you all lots of fun watching and I’m curious for feedback 😃 Yours, Mia ❤