Hyena Gnoll Cosplay Larp Outfit animal creature

New Movie Project “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears 😃 the countdown is on! We made through our first filming weekend for our small community LARP movie project (thank you so much LARP Bergwerk Joachimsstollen and Externsteine for the filming approval), the second filming weekend is next weekend (many thanks in advance to Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen) 😃 we are so hyped!! Also a big thank you to kölnton rental GmbH for letting us rent your audio equipment ❤ !!!

So what is all this about?

It is a LARP community project. Many other movies are mostly documentaries about e.g. somebody speaking about LARP, what it’s all about, what you need to participate, how to create a character and so on. We want to display to you how a LARP could look like! We want to show what awesome ideas participants create, bring to life and what astonishing atmosphere can be created, which you normally know only from movies 😃We also want to give an impression about LARP to people that have never heard about before 😃 ! Therefore we asked some of Germany’s most top class LARPers if they wanted to join in and display their fantastic characters; to unbox their gear that was locked away during the pandemic in boxes and cellars; to play their characters infront of a camera and to bring along some of their magnificent props, to create impressive scenaries 🙂 I thank you all so much for participating!

Who is in the core team?

The core team consists of Thorsten Schulz (planning, script and director with head slate), Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography and Kelric Saevarson (camera and light), Julia Kw (audio), Simon (set manager), Hypnoli (stand-by man, storyboard drawer and “maid-of-all-work” at the set), Nathalie (set cook), David Wulf (editing and post production) and myself (Mia Shinda) (idea, script, planning and communication with actors and set locations) 😃

And for you guys we also have invited exclusively two set photographers who went with us through the project and are making a view behind-the-scenes possible 😉 thank you Del-Ink / Fotografie and Aloha Airbrush !!!

In the upcoming weeks we will post small teaser pictures from the set and also this explanation post. We would be honored if you follow our project and when you want to view the whole movie (hopefully at the end of this year) you will watch a about 30 min shortmovie 😃 We hope to set a small milestone within our hobby and to create a nice, high quality, aesthetic and sophisticated view into this (for outsiders) nerdy seeming, but craftmanship, artistic, social and elaborate hobby! I am very happy to be part of this community ❤ !

Yours, Mia ❤