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Official Trailer “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears 😃 today I want to present to you the official trailer of “Azukas Reise” 😃 !!!

Thank you to all who were involved:

Actor and costumes: (every actor brought his/her own costume, mask, larp weapon etc. to the set, many of the displayed costumes were made by the actors themselves, some actors painted themselves and others)

Mia Shinda: movie idea, script author, production director, coordination and arrangements with the actors, actor, movieprop-maker

Thorsten Schulz: script author, movie director, production management, actor

Invictus – Larp Ideas & Costumes: unit manager, setrunner, actor, movie audio assistant, sponsoring

Hypnoli: set-assistant, setrunner, actor, props “skaven cave”, storybook, animations/VFX

Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography: 1st unit – camera, light, production management

The Kelric View: 2nd unit – camera & drone footage, light, production management, supervisor, sponsoring

@Tilman Schulz editor – moviecut

@Kimi Karuso – raw cut

Julia Kw: movie audio master – btw – happy birthday ❤

Raccoon Audio Records: voice over, actor

Goldfeder Art : storybook

Aloha Airbrush: set photographer, actor

Del-Ink / Fotografie: set photographer

Ayree works: make up artist (second filming weekend), setrunner

@Anne Holmes: make up artist (second filming weekend), setrunner, actor

Sophie Herzchen: movie director assistant (second filming weekend), setrunner, actor

Iz’ek Krummhorn: coordination “skaven”, props “skaven cave”, props skaven, actor

Lyncas Creations: coordination “skaven”, props “skaven cave”, props skaven, actor

Bastian Wachtmann: props “skaven cave”, props skaven, actor

Un-art-ich Design: setrunner, actor

Oliver Hennemann: setrunner, actor

Benjamin Klaus Wagner: actor

Gransh Kin’Rakh Props: coordination “orcs”, actor

Berengar Bjornson: actor

Trollmarkt: actor

@Thomas von Atheistus: actor

@Chris: actor

Grym Werrul: actor

Dominik Holl: actor

@Bj Örn: actor

Isamoor’s Art: actor

Björn Winter: actor

@Xadoran Winternacht: actor

@Jennifer Wolf: actor

Nesuki: actor

@Mel Beth: actor

@Nathalie: set cook

Locations/filming permission:

LARP Bergwerk Joachimsstollen – Michael Sierig and @Daniel Zastrau

Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen – Mr. Karl Banghard

Externsteine – Horn – Bad Meinberg

@Werk 4 Magdeburg Buckau – Jan and Micha

Sponsoring audioequipment:

kölnton rental GmbH

A big thank you to all who were involved ❤️ without you this project would not have been possible!

I am very curious for your feedback and hope that I can present the finished movie in the next months! Thank you for your patience ❤ !

Yours faithfully, Mia ❤