• Mia Shinda

Cooperation - little LARP clip

Hello my dears 😀 today I want to show you a nice little cooperation, that was created internationally, but from home in quarantine 😀 ...

It's a small postapocalyptic larp video! Everybody shot their part in their cellar, shed or livingroom; the video shows our girls from the "Boobie-Squad" (Insa-Marie, Bib, Lisita, Kathi and myself, we're all from Germany), and our evil archenemy, the mutant Kruger (Martin, he's from Sweden), who follows us in our darkest nightmares ^^°...


It was a lot of fun doing this and wearing the larp kit again at least for this small sequence ^^ ... maybe this video will animate one of you guys to make a small larp movie in your home ;) feel free to post it in the comments below, I am very curious! Thank you so much Insa-Marie, for proposung this idea, and Martin for cutting and editing 😀 !!!

I hope we could entertain you a bit in this larp-free time! Stay healthy and safe! Yours, Mia 😀

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