• Mia Shinda

Happy new year 2020 :)

Today a little end-of-the-year review from my year 2019 :D it was very eventful, it had many high's and a few low's, but all in all it was an awesome year and I can't wait to start into the new upcoming year!

A few highlights were: numerous exhibitions, including the @EpicCon with the @Cult of Chrome or the @Larpwerker... Then I had several larp events, such as the @FALLEN - Endzeit Larp by Lost Ideas with my awesome Bunkis and the Epic Empires - Larp für Erwachsene together with the Heirs of the Sun and my IT granddad and of course the @BBR in Sweden with the @5th Division :D it was a blast with you all! I had wonderful photoshootings with terrific photographers like @soulcatcher photography, @Daimen Pape, @Image of you, @impressive photo/Martin Wahler, @Jamari LIOR Photography, @Stefan Gesell Photography and many others :D ... And then I had my move from Bavaria to NRW together with my @Simon <3 thank you once again to every helper!!! Unfortunately I cannot list everything that happened, but many thanks to all people that accompanied and supported me, that I worked with and who stood by my side :D <3 !!!

Party hard and see you next year, yours Mia :D

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