• Mia Shinda

Thank you for a great EpicCon 2020

Good evening my dears 🙂 an action-packed weekend is over 😀 this year I revisited the EpicCon 😀 !!!

To math my classic wasteland cosplay (own creation), I made a male wasteland cosplay for my boyfriend, too; the muzzle from the latest MadMax movie Fury Road inspired me especially ... I'm curious for your opinions if you like it!

I met tons of awesome people, like for instance eosAndy from whom all the pictures are, thank you so much for these terrific pictures 😀 ! And finally I got the chance to meet new people (finally even personally), many thanks to Ben (Maul Cosplay) 😀 it was a blast!

And a huge thank you again to Simon without you I wouldn't have made it ❤ you are the best ❤ ❤ ❤ It was a real pleasure to meet you all again 😀 !!!

Yours Mia :)

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