Costume-maker and designer

Hello my dears 🙂

today I present to you two identical officer uniforms with masks and berets that I created for the youth theatre-play Sonni Maier | “Zaun im Kopf”If you want to know what the play is about, klick here:

If you have the opportunity, take a look and come to the premiere in Witten on the 13th of September 2019 at 07:30 PM (CEST) 🙂 it will be awesome!

Coming back to the outfits, the challenge for me was to create two identical uniforms that would fit in the world of today (without any postapo elements, dirt or other wearout), but without to much similarities of real uniforms. Furthermore the faces of the actors had to be covered. The dove of peace as a logo is another, sceptical element that will have a special role within the play, so that’s why I displayed it a lot. So overall the costumes should look dark, dystopic but at the same time realistic and, as often required in theatre, being able to dress and undress quite fast. That’s why it’s an overall with zippers and pushbuttons.

Thank you so much for this commission, the good pre commission communication and I wish you all the best and fun with the costumes on your tour!!!I’m really curious about your opinion 🙂 !Yours, Mia ❤