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News: “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears today it’s time for an update concerning the Larp movie project “Azukas Reise” – due to personal issues our cutter had to split from the project, but there is another complete postproduction team ready to continue I am so happy, thank you to the cutters: Manuel Huhn , @Goldfeder Art and […]

Community Award “Innovative Make up Artist”

Good evening my dears I received an email from @KazaMarie who does videos about Larp on her Twitch Channel! Here I won a community award for “innovative larp make up artist” and I was so happy about it – here’s the video, at minute 54 starts the part where I am mentioned : I am […]

Darsteller im neuen Feuerschwanz Musikvideo “Berzerkermode”

Good evening my dears today I want to share with you the newest music video from @Feuerschwanz where I was lucky to participate! In the video I play the shaman of the village who all laugh at Scott Wartooth Archer and force him to do the workout with the berzerks – the video shoot was […]

Happy Star Wars Day 2023

Good evening my dears, “may the force be with you” and happy Star Wars Day … I am back from two weeks of conventions matching this day I have a picture from Ivan Von Lennep – LARP NOW (https://youtube.com/@LARPnow) for you – thank you so much – it shows my newest character, a Chadra Fan […]

Happy Easter 2023

Hello my dears and happy easter to you all – today I have (maybe a bit lewd) easter special for you all – the baphomet ! Thank you Aloha Airbrush that you realised this picture with me ! You can view the full image here: My patreons know this baphomet picture since easter 2022 … […]

Leather wet-forming workshop

Good evening my dears past weekend I participated in Hamburg at another fantastic workshop done by the awesome Lea from Medusa-Leather Art and this time I learned a lot about wetforming leather! In this course we learned to make a pattern and form a halfmask and a pen case – I am super happy, it […]

Official Trailer “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears today I want to present to you the official trailer of “Azukas Reise” !!! Thank you to all who were involved: Actor and costumes: (every actor brought his/her own costume, mask, larp weapon etc. to the set, many of the displayed costumes were made by the actors themselves, some actors painted […]

Thank you so much :D

Good evening my dears today I want to say “Thank You” for two awesome events that I was able to participate first I visited the “Con der langen Schatten” from Karl-Heinz where I held a small presentation about my work and second I visited @Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography at his booth at the “Comic […]

Mia Shinda Wall Calendar 2023

Good evening my dears it is finaly time to reveal the new “Mia Shinda Year Calendar 2023”: https://www.etsy.com/…/mia-shinda-wandkalender-2023… It is available in DINA3, mat, with spiral binding, a protection foil and a cover with a short description from Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography and myself what our motives were to do this calendar – every […]

Happy Halloween :D

Happy Halloween my dears today I have a picture for you from my interpretation of Scarecrow! Thank you to Aloha Airbrush for the awesome picture !!! Feel free to post your halloween outfit from this year in the comments, I am very curious !!!