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Kulturnacht 2022 in Magdeburg

Good evening my dears this saturday the 24th september 2022 you can meet me at Magdeburger Kulturnacht “Die Neunte” in Werk 4 (Magdeburg Bukau) with my small booth! I would be very happy if I met one of you there please write short in comments if you are there, thank you ! Yours Mia

Cover Larpzeit – Sommer Sonderausgabe 2022

Good evening my dears today I want to present to you the new cover of the summer edition of the LARPzeit! You can see Invictus an me on the cover with our fantasy oriental outfits – a big Thank You to you Heike for making this possible ! (Unpaid advertisement) You can get your copy […]

Todesgöttin Kali

Good evening my dears today I present a new outfit from my small workshop – the goddess of death – Kali!!! For this outfit I used a lot of spare materials (e.g. Halloween decoration) to create a headpiece and a halo, here I used an old wooden hula hoop. And I made the, for Kali […]

Cyberpunk Samurai

こんばんは Konbanwa my dears today I have something japan-inspired out of my small workshop – a Cyberpunk inspired mask and hat – the basismask is from Brazen & Bold Productions Here are some small behind-the-scenes pictures that Invictus made during the shooting at Thomas‘ studio I am so excited for the results! These you can […]

Azukas Reise – behind the scenes :)

Good evening my dears today I have another small behind-the-scenes, to show you until our movie project “Azukas Reise” will be finished What is this project about? It’s a no-budget LARP community project where we want to display what awesome ideas our participants developed, how they implement those ideas within the game and how this […]

Happy easter :)

Good evening my dears and happy easter today a cute pic with the easter lamb from @Aloha Airbrush – thank you very much ! The full dark story from the little sheep you can find on: www.patreon.com/miashinda – Thank you

Cinema poster in Australia :D

Hello my dears todays picture was sent to me by Bjoern Friedetzky a picture with me from Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography – it was a movie poster at a cinema in Australia! What it was about I am not quite sure, but I am super excited that pictures from us go around the world […]

Interview “Larpzeit #75”

Good evening my dears – our fantasy LARP-movie project “Azukas Reise” made it into the current edition of the LARPzeit !!! Thank you once again Birgit Oppermann – Texterin, Autorin, Bloggerin for the awesome interview! I’ve put the first page down below in the photos, you can read the full interview (3 pages) within the […]