Cover der Larpzeit Sommer Sonderausgabe 2022

Cover Larpzeit – Sommer Sonderausgabe 2022

Good evening my dears 😃 today I want to present to you the new cover of the summer edition of the LARPzeit! You can see Invictus an me on the cover with our fantasy oriental outfits – a big Thank You to you Heike for making this possible ❤ !

(Unpaid advertisement) You can get your copy of the LARPzeit at all big larp events this summer, for example at the Conquest of Mythodea – btw who will be there this year and who will I be able to meet in which camp 😃 ?

In the magazine you can also read our interview that we did for our small LARP-movie project “Azukas Reise” – there will be an update soon, we are at it ❤ !!!

Photographing and editing of this wonderful picture was done by Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography – thank you so much ❤ this is one of our most favorite pictures together 😃 !!!

Faithfully yours, Mia ❤

Cover der Larpzeit Sommer Sonderausgabe 2022
Fotograf und Bearbeitung: Thomas Kilian Soulcatcher Photography