Hyena Cosplay

News: “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears 😃 today it’s time for an update concerning the Larp movie project “Azukas Reise” 🥰 – due to personal issues our cutter had to split from the project, but there is another complete postproduction team ready to continue 🍀 I am so happy, thank you to the cutters: Manuel Huhn , @Goldfeder Art and @Don Bro and our audio cutter Henning Lechner and the lovely @Tini aka Gabria who will compose an ending song ❣️

A special thanks goes out to Kerstin from @Un-art-ich Design for getting all the above mentioned people together 🥰🍀💝 and to @Thorsten Schulz who fights along my side to finish the project 💪🏻

I am so eager to finish this project and will keep you all updated🍀!

Today I have another small peak behind the scenes to reduce the time until our LARP-movieproject “Azukas Reise” can be published 😃

Who did not see it yet, here is the link to our official trailer 😃

What is our project about?

It’s a no-budget LARP community project where we want to display what creative ideas our participants have, how they display their ideas and what a fantastic (cineastic) atmosphere can be created 😃 !

Thank you very much to our set photographers: @Del-Ink/Fotografie and @Aloha Airbrush ❤

You like this project and want to see more projects like this in the future? Then please consider joining my Patreon www.patreon.com/miashinda – thank you so much ❤ !

Yours Mia ❤

Hyena Cosplay

Photographer: Aloha Airbrush

Photographer: Del-Ink/Fotografie
Model and outfit: Lyncas Creation
Photographer: Aloha Airbrush
Model and outfit: Grym

Photographer: Aloha Airbrush