Green Sanctuary – Episode 10

Today I present to you the 10th and LAST episode of our postapocalyptic webseries “Green Sanctuary” 😀 … it’s a bit awkward that this project was with me for over one year now and will now come to an end! It was really fun and I can proudly pronounce the next webseries project for the start of 2019 😉 …

Thank you so much to all who anticipated and helped through this project:

Director: Hendrik Helis Camera and color-grading: Valentin Walther Cut and postproduction-supervisor: Tilman Schulz Theme music: Victorja Audio/Mastering: Arvid Mahler Monster: Hypnoli


Heute präsentiere ich die zehnte und letzte Folge unserer Postapokalypse Webserie „Green Sanctuary“ :D…

Vielen Dank an alle, die dieses Projekt unterstützt haben, sowie:

Regisseur: Hendrik Helis

Kamera und Color-grading: Valentin Walther

Cut Postproduction-supervisor: Tilman Schulz

Theme Musik: Victorja

Audio/Mastering: Arvid Mahler

Monster: Hypnoli