Artikel aus der Larpzeit #75 - 3 seitiges Interview

Interview “Larpzeit #75”

Good evening my dears 🙂 – our fantasy LARP-movie project “Azukas Reise” made it into the current edition of the LARPzeit😃 !!! Thank you once again Birgit Oppermann – Texterin, Autorin, Bloggerin for the awesome interview! I’ve put the first page down below in the photos, you can read the full interview (3 pages) within the LARPzeit number 75 😉

In the interview many participants were mentioned and I want to use this opportunity to gibe you an insight how many people were actually part of the project and who has which job within the project:Actor and costumes: (every actor brought his/her own costume, mask, larp weapon etc. to the set, many of the displayed costumes were made by the actors themselves, some actors painted themselves and others)

Mia Shinda: movie idea, script author, production director, coordination and arrangements with the actors, actor, movieprop-maker

Thorsten Schulz: script author, movie director, production management, actor

Invictus – Larp Ideas & Costumes: unit manager, setrunner, actor, movie audio assistant, sponsoring

Hypnoli: set-assistant, setrunner, actor, props “skaven cave”, storybook, animations/VFX

Thomas Kilian – Soulcatcher Photography: 1st unit – camera, light, production management

The Kelric View: 2nd unit – camera & drone footage, light, production management, supervisor, sponsoring

@ Kimi Karuso: editor – moviecut

@ Julia KW: movie audio master

Raccoon Audio Records: voice over, actor

@ Tobias Schneider: storybook

Aloha Airbrush: set photographer, actor

Del-Ink / Fotografie: set photographer

Ayree works: make up artist (second filming weekend), setrunner

@ Anne Holmes: make up artist (second filming weekend), setrunner, actor

@Sophie Herzchen: movie director assistant (second filming weekend), setrunner, actor

Iz’ek Krummhorn: coordination “skaven”, props “skaven cave”, props skaven, actor

Lyncas Creations: coordination “skaven”, props “skaven cave”, props skaven, actor

@ Bastian Wachtmann: props “skaven cave”, props skaven, actor

Un-art-ich Design: setrunner, actor

Oliver Hennemann: setrunner, actor

@ Benjamin Klaus Wagner: actor

Gransh Kin’Rakh Props: coordination “orcs”, actor

@ Berengar Bjornson: actor

Trollmarkt: actor

@ Thomas von Atheistus: actor

@ Chris: actor

@ Grym Werrul: actor

Dominik Holl: actor

@ Bj Örn: actor

Isamoor’s Art: actor

@ Björn Winter: actor

@ Xadoran Winternacht: actor

Jennifer Wolf: actor

Nesuki: actor

@ Mel Beth: actor

@ Nathalie: set cook

Locations/filming permission:

LARP Bergwerk Joachimsstollen – Michael Sierig and Daniel Zastrau

Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen – Mr. Karl Banghard

Externsteine – Horn – Bad Meinberg

Werk 4 Magdeburg Buckau – Jan and MichaSponsoring

audioequipment:kölnton rental GmbH A big

Thank You to all participants ❤❤❤ without you this project would have never happened! We hope to get to present this project to you within the next few months, we are working on it very hard!

Artikel aus der Larpzeit #75 - 3 seitiges Interview