New movie project – part three “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears 🙂 today it’s time for another small peak behind the scenes of our fantasy movieproject “Azukas Reise” 😃 At the beginning of september we will have the last filming day for the project, together with Jennifer Wolf❤ ! Thank you once again to kölnton rental GmbH that we were able to rent your audio equipment!!!

What is this project about?It’s a no-budget LARP community project where we want to display what awesome ideas our participants developed, how they implement those ideas within the game and how this is captured within a great (movie) atmosphere! We hope that we can show with this project how awesome, aesthetic and sophisticated this (for outsiders) nerdy hobby can be and that it can be very artistic, crafty and social!

Photographer and Editing: Aloha Airbrush

Soon we will present a small trailer for you 😃 ! Yours, Mia ❤

Tiermenschen Tierwesen Chaos Larp Charaktere
Larper - Chaos SC