New Photoequipment :)

Hello my dears 😀 today I want to present to you my latest acquisition – my new photoequipment!

Thankfully I got the hint from several people that my photos from my commissions etc. where often too dark or even blurres 😞 (thank you for the feedback!!!) … that’s why I decided to get a small photobox (for my wares; it found its place in the attic) and a lightring for my bigger commissions (both are dimmable) 🙂 … in the near future I will experiment with it a little and will also create a nice neutral background for the photobox 😀 !

A huge thank you goes out to all my Patreons, who supported me with this purchase ❤ ❤ !!! I will come back soon with some new photos from my accessoires with the photobox or with the lightring, please give me feedback on how you like the quality of the new photos, thank you!

Yours, Mia