Einträge von Mia Shinda

New motives in the merchandise shop

Good evening my dears ? today I want to present to you my new tshirt/poster motive that you can buy in my shop 😀 … a classic colorful but at the same time very dark pop-art motive from my zombiegirl Mary ? !!!Fotograf: Soulcatcher Photography Motiv: Adi Ian HaleThank you so much you two for […]

Mia Shinda feat. Cult of Chrome at the EpicCon 2019

Good evening my dears 😀 my conventionplan for 2019 is complete… the first convention I will be attending together with Cult of Chrome is the EpicCon in Münster, 23rd to 24th of February :D!!!There, Invictus – Larp Ideas & Costumes and myself, will present to you our new postapocalyptic egyptian outfits (Anubis and Bastet) exclusively […]

Nerf Modding “Modulus – Evader”

Good evening my dears ? today I present to you a Nerf modding after a long time; the basis was here the “Evader” from the Nerf-Modulus-Series and some Modulus parts ?… I took this into a futuristic setting, because this Nerf has the cool ability to glow in a green light! So I didn’t want […]

Green Sanctuary – Episode 08

Here I present the eighth episode of our new postapo webseries  “Green Sanctuary” Thanks to all who supported this project <3 ! Director: Hendrik Helis Camera and color-grading: Valentin Walther Cut and postproduction-supervisor: Tilman Schulz Theme music: Victorja  Audio/Mastering: Arvid Löwenstein ———————————————————————————————————————————— Heute präsentiere ich die achte Folge unserer Postapokalypse Webserie „Green Sanctuary“ :D…  Green Sanctuary Episode 8 Vielen […]