Einträge von Mia Shinda

Costume-maker and designer

Hello my dears 🙂 today I present to you two identical officer uniforms with masks and berets that I created for the youth theatre-play Sonni Maier | “Zaun im Kopf”If you want to know what the play is about, klick here: https://www.sonni-maier.de/zaunimkopf/ If you have the opportunity, take a look and come to the premiere […]

Festival Fantasia 2019 x Mia Shinda

Good evening my dears 😀 today I show you some impressions of my booth at the Festival Fantasia: Die Fantasy-Con in Magdeburg from the past weekend, here I was able to present my new pavillon for the first time ? … Thank you all for showing up and giving me feedback, making pics with me […]

New mini-video: horror-postapo-windbells

Hi my dears 😀 I’m already in the middle of my preperations for the Festival Fantasia: Die Fantasy-Con in Magdeburg 😀 … there must be “purple and green” elements at each booth. So here I present to you my interpretation 😉 two windbells in the horror-postapo-style 😀 I’m curious if you like them! Please watch […]

Wasteland meets fetish

Here an article of Xpressions Magazine to the topic wasteland meets fetish, click inside if you like 🙂 !www.magcloud.com/user/xpressions Thank you very much to The art of Vince Voltage for the great motive :D!!!

Larpwerker Convention 2019

Here some impressions from the “Larpwerker Convention 2019” (Germany)! Thanks to everyone who visits me at the booth, I was very happy 😀 <3 !!! Photographer: Kelric ViewOwl Knight: Bubo Faber

Blog contribution by “Survive Doomsday”

Good evening my dears ? Today I want to show you the blog of Survive Doomsday! I’m so excited to be featured among my idols Mark Cordory Creations and Nuclear Snail Studios ? ❤ !!!Go ahead and take a look <3 !!! https://www.survivedoomsday.com/business-post-apocalyptic-fashion-mark-cordoroy-mia-shinda-nuclear-snail-studios

Back from EpicCon 2019

Good evening my dears 🙂 I’m back from the first convention this year, the EpicCon 2019 thank you very much to the organizers for the organization of the event and to Cult of Chrome for the awesome cooperation and the nice weekend with you guys ? I’m looking forward to repeat this!Below are some snapshots […]

Mia Shinda on Tour 2019

Good evening my dears 🙂 today I reveal the overview for my convention schedule! Thank you so much Cult of Chrome and Wasteland Warriors for the cooperation :)!!!At the conventions I will wear my newest postapo outfit “Bastet” very often, as a duo with Invictus – Larp Ideas <3 !!! Thanks to Stefan Gesell Photography […]

Green Sanctuary – Episode 09

Here I present the ninth and penultimate episode of our new postapo webseries: Green Sanctuary 09 Thanks to all who supported this project <3 ! Director: Hendrik Helis Camera and color-grading: Valentin Walther Cut and postproduction-supervisor: Tilman Schulz Theme music: Victorja  Audio/Mastering: Arvid Löwenstein ———————————————————————————————————————————— Heute präsentiere ich die neunte und vorletzte Folge unserer Postapokalypse Webserie „Green Sanctuary“ :D…  […]