Gnoll und Uruk Ork Fantasy Larp, Wald

New movie project – part two “Azukas Reise”

Good evening my dears 🙂 now we completed the second filming weekend from our small LARP movieproject (thank you Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen for the permission to film), now there is only one day of filming left at @Werk 4 – Magdeburg (many thanks in advance!) Thank you once again at kölnton rental GmbH that we could lend your equipment !!!

What is our project about?

It’s a LARP community project. Normally other documentations about LARP show what LARP is about, what gear and equipment you need, how you create a character and so forth. We want to show you how a LARP could look like. We want to depict what great ideas the participants have and how they display these ideas at a LARP and what an awesome atmosphere can be created which one usually just knows from movies.We want to give people, even if they never heard of LARP before, an idea how LARP can be and how versatile it can be. Therefore we asked some LARPers from the German LARP scene and they were thrilled to join with us and display their fantastic kit and equipment (often stored in boxes during COVID-19), show their character and their stunning performance infront of a camera and to present some of their amazing props. It was fantastic, thank you very much! This is a No-Budget project, so we could not pay any of our staff and actors and I am stunned that everybody involved used their vacation, made their trips and overnight stays completely self-paid! This is worthy of a big round of applause, thank you for your dedication ❤ ! The same applies to the filming locations, where we were allowed to film and use everything without the need to pay. Everybody who was involved in movie shooting knows that 6 days is a very short period of time, considered the edited material you get (~ 4-5 minutes per day).

Who is the core team?

The core team consists of Thorsten (Planning, script and director with slate), Thomas and The Kelric View (camera and light), Julia (audio engineering), @Simon (set manager), Hypnoli (set personnel, storyboard drawer and “maid-of-all-work”), Yvonne (set make up artist), David (cut and post production) and myself (Mia Shinda) (idea, script, planning and communication with actors and locations)

We also invites two photographers to get coop behind-the-scenes pictures 🙂 thank you Del-Ink / Fotografie and Aloha Airbrush !!! In the upcoming weeks we will publish some teaser pictures from the set with the text from above. We would be honored if you follow our project and that you take a look at the finished movie (expected at the end of the year), it will be about 30 minutes long.

We hope that we can give an insight into this nice, valuable, aesthetic, sophisticated and (sometimes for outsiders) nerdy hobby, that can be also very artistic, crafty and even very social!I am glad that I am part of this community ❤ !

Yours, Mia

Gnoll und Uruk Ork Fantasy Larp, Wald
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